A Reflection On Leadership

When there are changes, you step back a moment and look what could have been done differently. If you are honest with yourself, you can learn from your decisions…thanking yourself for the insight to make good decisions and determining how you could have made better choices with the poor ones.

My business is surrounded by changes…by the slow economy and selling luxury gifts to staffing. Adapting to a new environment where prices are being driven down and margins are smaller is difficult to accept but the new reality. Thinking outside the box and being innovative is key to success today.

A recent “Corner Office” interview in the Sunday NY Times on James Schiro, CEO of Zurich Financial Services, says that the most important lesson he’s learned in leadership is the ability to listen and let others know you are listening. When he hires an assistant, he looks for a smart, energetic and bright person and one that can understand the way he works and operates. He says that if he has to tell them what they ought to be doing, then they are not doing their job.

As an entrepreneur, I sometimes focus more on the business mechanism and forget about the Leadership required to run the company. With Leadership and communication, your staff can pull through the worst of times with teamwork…the blueprint of success.

I would like to know from my readers what Leadership situations you have recently encountered that made a difference.

Thank you for reading and listening.