Executive Retirements – How to Create the Ideal Tribute Gift

According to the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, he suggests that executive retirements have a determinative impact. Through a series of experiments, he established that people’s memories of experiences are shaped by peak moments, whether good or bad, and by how those experiences ended. This “Peak-End Rule” holds a lesson for office leavers—whether they are being forced out or have chosen to move on. Since it is too late when almost out the door to change the peaks of one’s tenure, the only remaining shot at affecting how one will be judged by history is to create a favorable impression when exiting.

Likewise, the Peak-End Rule also applies to how the company sends off its CEO, board member or executive. Creating a lasting and favorable impression at the time of exit will be long remembered. For this reason, a memento of relevance is important.  There are two attributes to make an exit gift a tribute to the departing executive or board member:

  1. A company standard – the gift reflects the culture, brand and community and the same gift, but personalized, is given to executives at retirement,
  2. A personalized gift – the gift is designed specifically for the individual leaving their position and reflects their lifestyle, brand and interests.

A gift of quality, beautifully presented at a special occasion and with relevance recognizes a CEO’s contributions and enduring value.  Let us help you curate your next retirement memento that will be long remembered and treasured.


Retirement tributes and mementos

Since 1988, Diana Martin has created one-of-a-kind mementos and awards for Fortune 500 companies and private firms to recognize excellence, acknowledge board contributions and celebrate milestone events. You can reach me at 949 631 2727 x 202 or diana@dianamartin.com to discuss how we can help you create a remarkable experience.

(IMAGE CAPTION: Top-left, clockwise: Custom art glass bowl with prancing Arabian Horses for an executive retirement at an international energy company; Commissioned art glass sculpture of the Intel Haswell Chip for the retiring Chief Product Officer; Custom tribute books for Cisco’s John Chambers when retiring as CEO, with sample pages above; Board retirement memento for Brent Saunders, CEO and President of Allergan.)