Board Member’s Grand Finale!! How To Show Appreciation

Board members should be appreciated in a way that makes them feel special, suggesting you need to know them well enough to know what that means to them. Saying thank you in a meaningful way for someone leaving the board is the grand finale to one’s dedication and time. The experience can be one of the last organized occassions that the retiree participates in with fellow board members and corporate executives.

The best ever way to show gratitude to your Board is through sincere appreciation. Combining an experience with a symbolic commemorative cements the parting with good feelings of appreciation and recognition:

  • Making the occasion meaningful and relevant, creating a memorable experience
  • Giving an icon (something symbolic and tangible) that whenever viewed is a reminder of their board involvement and successful contributions.

Since 1988, Diana Martin has created one-of-a-kind mementos for Fortune 500 corporations and private firms to celebrate Board Retirements. You can reach me at 949 631 2727 x 202 or to discuss your board retirement commemorative.