Cavalier Spending is Out, Wise Spending is In

Here’s a feel good story that I wish to share with you. A long-time client, a CEO of a mid-size company, called and asked for help in ways to get the attention of another CEO who had been ignoring his requests to get together. For our CEO, this relationship with an affiliated company was important for business growth. 

Google provided a profile of the individual and we discovered that he was particularly fond of the history of the Lewis & Clark Trail.  

We purchased a rare map of the Louisiana trail, 1814 and museum framed the artwork. A certificate of authenticity and a description of the map were enclosed. Our client wrote a letter suggesting that the two companies explore new frontiers and that there were many ways to work as partners.

The CEO receiving the gift responded after a week with a heartfelt thanks for the map and an invitation to set up lunch to discuss business.