Channeling Positive Energy

In the Art of Possibility, the authors recommend painting a clear picture of the gap that exists between future of action and one of inaction …and use the difference to channel energy into action. During these challenging times, creating more balance, finding greater alignment and creating harmony is more important than ever for being optimistic and productive. One easy way to create energy is using crystals in your home, workplace or office.

Semi-Precious Stones
People’s fascination with semi-precious stones dates back thousands of years. From China to Babylon to Egypt, ancient civilizations have used them in rituals, healing, and meditation, believing that certain crystals have protective abilities and energetic qualities. For example, if a stone is a result of a volcano such as obsidian, that stone holds different energy than one when glaciers melted. Lighter in color and more transparent stones such as selenite tend to have more clearing abilities and are appropriate for entryways. Darker stones such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or smoky quartz have absorption qualities and are best near appliances such as WiFi router or booster, TV, or computer.

Integrating Crystals Into Your Home
There are many ways to integrate healing crystals into your home—in plants, under the bed, as decorative objects—including literally placing them into your walls and the foundation of the house so they remain invisible, but you still reap the benefits of their energy. For best sleep, keep rose quartz, blue calcite, moonstone, or lepidolite in your bedroom. Those are all crystals that promote rest and relaxation, helping you doze off more easily. For your home office, citrine, pyrite, and aventurine will promote energy, vitality, some extra motivation, and wealth.

Inside Crystals
From a scientific viewpoint, crystals are made up of atoms. Their molecular composition give a specific vibrational frequency that can coincide with that of the human body. Our own energy has almost a similar composition within our body—we’re made up of water and minerals and oxygen and all these other things—so there’s a unique thing that happens that creates this resonance, and creates this harmony, and so that very much reverberates into the spaces that are around us. Each stone harnesses energy based on how the earth created it.

For optimizing productivity, wellness, positive attitude, creativity, balance and being your best, leaders realize there is no one right answer. Today, top performance is the amalgam of good leadership, crisp execution, clear communication, empathy, culture, mindfulness and wellness.

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