Entertaining Tips for the Holidays

It’s the perfect time to brush up on entertaining tips for this coming holiday season. Most recently, my tips were mentioned in an ARTICLE from the Murietta’s Bear Creek Chronicle paper.

The art of friendship can be carried through by inviting friends and family to your home for casual or formal entertaining. From watching a football game to a formal dinner party, intimate gatherings are a way to express appreciation and say “you are special.”

I find that when inviting guests to your home, there is a bonding that does not occur when going out to dine. There is something to be said for seeing one in their personal surroundings…how they decorate, their attention to detail in their home, the food they serve, how they handle the evening….It is easier to have uninterrupted conversations and be more comfortable.

Especially in today’s economic environment, entertaining at home can be less costly. It also gives you a good reason to be creative in decorating your surroundings and setting your table. Your table is a canvas, a place for expression. It is an opportunity to set the mood and style as you wish. My entertaining tips are foolproof and will help you plan a wonderful get together.