Haute Couture meets Haute Cuisine

Fashion continually reinvents itself every season… hemlines go up and down, tailored to avant-garde clothing, and the 5″ heel to flats. This holiday season, Fashion’s new amore is Food! Fashion and Food is the new culture of the moment.

Food icons such as Ina Garten (she was on my flight to JFK this week), David Chang (Momofuku), Paula Deen and Mario Batali are our new celebrities and why not pair haute cuisine with couture? The visible value is familiar to both fashion world denizens and gourmands.

I went to see Batali’s new Eataly with just as much excitement as going to the Valentino trunk show. They are both sensory pleasures. Indescribable gratification.

Fashion super stars have created restaurants in their stores…think about Ralph Lauren’s opening of Ralph’s in Paris or Café Kristall inside the Swarovski boutique in Manhattan. Designer food and designer fashion are the perfect match. They share good style, strong opinions and flawless presentation.

An elixir for the food lover and the fashionista, this new romance offers something for everyone. A Prada bag may be out of the budget but a $5 Maison du Chocolat truffle might just satisfy the indulgence.

Let’s indulge this holiday season before this hot new rave becomes cold!