How To Brew A Perfect Pot Of Tea

Manoj Murjani was an avid tea collector long before he co-founded TWG Tea Co. As chairman and CEO, TWG Tea is sold at upscale stores including Dean & Deluca and Harrods in London. He is a purist when it comes to making and drinking tea and thought it was befitting to hear his suggestions for brewing the perfect pot of tea during this cold winter season.
When entertaining or dining Mr. Murjani suggests:
  1. Brewing loose-leaf teas by the pot to maximize flavor. Use large whole leaves and avoid using tiny tea balls. Tiny tea balls don’t give the leaves room to unfurl and infuse the water with flavor.
  2. Place about two and a half teaspoons of leaves in a large strainer. Keep in mind, you don’t want the water to be boiling hot because it could burn the tea leaves.
  3. After about three minutes and/or up to seven minutes for more delicate varieties like white teas, remove the strainer.
  4. Try to avoid adding milk or sugar and lemon. It tends to overpower the taste.
Here are some excellent tips for pairing tea with particular meals/foods:
  1. When having a light lunch of salmon or a salad, choose a fresh-tasting tea such as a green or white tea. It’s light and balances well with the freshness of what you’re eating.
  2. With heavier foods such as steak, sip on a more robust or smoky varietals such as Pu-Erh or Lapsang Souchong.
  3. With spicy food, go with a more daring tea spiked with cloves, cardamom or ginger.
  4. The smoky flavor of Earl Grey is a good accompaniment for chocolate.
  5. Try combining iced tea with champagne for a pre-dinner cocktail, using fruity black teas with berry or floral tones.
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