Make the Most of Your Toast!

Toasts are generally offered at times of celebration or commemoration, including certain holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, and a myriad of other occasions such as retirement celebrations, housewarming parties, births, and of course, weddings. Here are a few tips to make the most of your toast!

  • A toast should not be too long or embarrassing – keeping it short and meaningful is the key to a successful toast.
  • Maintain eye-contact and speak from the heart.
  • Let your guests know how excited and thankful you are to be able to share this moment together.
  • Do not prepare too much, it is best to be spontaneous.
  • A toast should be short enough to be memorized – no longer than a minute – especially if there are others who will follow.
  • Begin by raising your glass to eye-level and look directly at the person or persons you will be toasting. As you speak, bring your gaze around the room to the other guests.
  • Toasts should not be reserved for formal occasions.
  • If possible, touch glasses with every person to celebrate and accept the toast. If the crowd is too large, touch glasses with the person you are toasting and they will pass the toast along from one person to the next.
  • There are no rules regarding champagne glasses – from the classic crystal flute to the more colorful and artful glasses – all are appropriate. For a small dinner party, mix and match glasses to bring that extra sparkle to the evening.