How to Get Invited Back

This summer, many of us will be invited to garden dinners, beach cookouts, summer parties and other warm-weather social gatherings. Some may be lucky enough to staying overnight or a weekend at a friend or family member’s beach front home. Wine and flowers are predictable, but the well-mannered guest knows that when buying a hostess gift, a touch of ingenuity goes a long way toward engendering a fellowship that lasts longer than the visit. Send a message of appreciation with an extraordinary gift.

Upon arrival, present your hostess with a small luxurious gift as a way to say thanks for the invitation. Fail-safe items are: beautiful scented candles from Volupsa or Dayna Decker, monogrammed beach or shopping tote, epicurean olive oils or aged vinegars, personalized note cards. The gift should be presented beautifully and include a hand-written note expressing gratitude. A well-thought out gift that matches one’s personal interests and style goes a long way in saying “you are special.”

For a dinner party gift, suggestions are a set of sleek agate coasters, themed napkin rings, whimsical tongs, small dishes or swanky swizzle sticks.
Hostess thank you gifts don’t have to be overly expensive or big. They are your way of communicating thanks for being included for a memorable time. The most important part is to be gracious and make sure the hostess feels appreciated. And…don’t forget to send a thank-you note after the stay!

Diana Martin Gifts Top 5 Tips For Flattering the Hostess

1. Present the hostess with a gift when being greeted; beautifully presented with a hand-written card.
2. If you are staying a weekend, ask to help the hostess i.e. set the table, get flowers…
3. When leaving someone’s home, ask if you can strip the sheets and put the towels in the laundry basket; tidy your room even if the housekeeper is coming.
4. Entertain yourself…don’t make the hostess feel pressured to keep you busy…bring a book or go for a swim…alone time is okay.
5. Send a hand-written note of thanks when home.