How To Get the Most From Your Toast

A toast should not be too long or embarrassing. Short and pungent, is the key to a successful toast. Here are a few tips from Champagne expert and style maker, Diana Martin…

  • Maintain eye contact and speak from the heart.
  • Let your guests know how exciting it is to be together and to share this moment.
  • The toastmaster shouldn’t prepare too much as it is best to be spontaneous.
  • A toast should be short enough to be memorized — no longer than a minute — especially if there are others who will follow.
  • You should begin by raising a glass to eye level — first staring directly at the person you are toasting and then, as you speak, gazing at the other guests.
  • People shouldn’t reserve toasts for formal occasions.
  • You should touch the glasses with every single person there, which seals the deal, as in, “I accept your toast and the thought behind it.” If the crowd is too large, touch the glass of the person you are toasting who then passes it to the next person and so on…
  • There are no rules for champagne glasses…from the classic crystal flute to colorful artful glasses. For a small dinner party, mix and match glasses to bring spark to the party.