It Is Time To Tango!

The hottest color of 2012, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is Tangerine Tango, a shade of bright reddish orange.

The color’s pop of vivacious energy is appealing to a wide audience, from haute fashion to promotional products. This inviting color brings optimism and the energy boost to recharge.

Orange, gentler than the fire of red, is a symbol of success and good luck. Perhaps this is why the iconic Hermes luxury house doesn’t even quiver during a recession.

Orange signals not only vitality, but also urgency and strength — associations that should resonate in a year in which many are hoping to start seeing changes. The color can be related to personal power and self-worth, with the ability to extract and effectively draw from this power. The saffron robes worn by Buddhist monks reflected divine love. Roman brides wore orange veils as emblems of the permanence of marriage.

Whether to add a burst of color to your wardrobe or to become better enlightened, let this sophisticated color raise your spirits and outlook.