“It’s All in the Delivery”

It’s true when you think about it; some gifts seem even more valuable when they have the perfect packaging. Now more than ever, it’s become “in vogue” to give gifts in swirled ribbons, customized gift sacks, impressionable wrapping, and logo branded boxes.

It’s normal to assume the gift inside the creative design is equally as lavish or carefully crafted. It’s also your chance to further show the person that this occasion is special to you since you’ve thought of every detail – right down to the wrapping!

Try colors and materials that are “outside the box.” While many of us think of traditional colors like red and green for Christmas or shades of fall for Thanksgiving, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to wrapping gifts and preparing cards. For many gift givers, the paper, bows and envelopes are an extension of their own personal style.

You’ve no doubt put a lot of time and energy into choosing a gift that reflects the interests and tastes of the person receiving the gift. All of that effort is even more personal when you consider the presentation. Trendy, classic, artistic, eclectic – throw yourself into those papers and bows and a make a great gift truly extraordinary.

The Quintessential Gift – how to be the flawless gift giver

  • The gift must be of quality such that the gift recipient doesn’t need to think about the pricing or question if it was “cheap” or a “recycled” gift.
  • The gift has to both be a reflection of the gift giver and the gift recipient.
  • It should be something luxurious – supremely unexpected with a heartfelt expression of thoughtfulness; luxurious does not imply expensive.
  •  Must be impeccably packaged and handsomely presented – the element of surprise adds to the anticipation of opening.
  • A well-thought out note to accompany the gift: including why the gift is so special, why it was selected and why you are giving this gift.
  • The perfect gift shows appreciation, respect, goodwill and attention.