Make the Most of Room Gifts

From the “Best of the Best” employees to members of the Board of Directors, room gifts are a welcome surprise and make one feel valued and special. It is the perfect non-verbal communication tool for your company to express thanks or strengthen your company’s message.

Here are my tips for getting the most out of room gifts:

1.       Set the tone with a pre-event gift. This can include luggage tags, destination collateral and a personalized invitation — all packaged in a custom box to enhance the upcoming travel. Make sure to coordinate colors and look with location venue.

2.       Know your audience and their point-of-view to help select gifts that are appreciated.

3.       Gifts must be of quality — either supremely functional or a cherished art piece. When in doubt, or when budgets are tight, a heartfelt sentiment written on a picturesque card will be better received than a tacky gift.

4.       Save the best for first and last — you want the biggest bang with the very first and very last gifts received, as they make the most lasting impressions.

5.       Everyone loves to snack in their hotel room! For the first night, consider a custom art-glass or themed tray with foods like chocolate covered strawberries, artisan chocolates or gourmet nuts, coupled with a welcome note and a preview of the next day. These small gestures powerfully reflect your company’s brand of thoughtfulness and appreciation.

6.       Take advantage of including a note with each room night gift. It can be a note recognizing top performers or to express thanks for taking the time to travel. A signed card by the host heightens the personal touch.

7.       Match the venue and theme. The consistency enhances the experience and sends a positive message about your company’s attention to detail, organization and planning.

8.       Artful books about the destination make great keepsakes as well — just be sure that they’re not too heavy to bring home! Include a custom page in the front of the book with a personal message.

9.       If giving gifts to take home, ensure that they’re easily packaged and can be safely transported without being damaged.

10.    Let your guests know that they can bring their gifts home with them — room gifts are often left behind in hotels and thought of as amenities.