Symbols of Success

First seen as an Egyptian symbol of the sun god Ra, the obelisk has a beautiful and elegant shape which has come to symbolize strength and nobility of purpose. An obelisk sculpture serves as a visual metaphor of one’s ascent to the top.

Globes are a great theme for corporate awards as they represent worldly vision and act as inspiration for creating limitless opportunities. As an accolade for a leader renowned for foresight, it makes an appreciated business gift.


Sailboats are a metaphor for change, innovation, and momentum. Relatively easy to maneuver, they can go almost anywhere and can exist in all shapes and sizes. Sailboats and their captain have mastery over the ever-changing winds. A skillful sailor, or business leader, can sail in any direction – with the wind, across the wind, and even directly into the wind – by applying the skill and patience to “tack” from side to side – coming a little closer to an upwind destination with each turn. The perfect gift for those who successfully navigate the company’s course.