Springing Forward: Eco-Conscious Gifts

Happy Earth Day!

Nature springs forward each year, transforming the dim and dreary into the bright and hopeful. Looking around, I see transformation everywhere — wintery brown leaves are fewer and far between, in their stead are fresh budding greens and young flowers. As nature regenerates, so too does our economy. And as our economy recovers and grows, what we define as luxury must also change.

Luxury used to entail extravagance and excess, something pricey yet not always useful, and often only exclusive because it was priced for a limited consumer demographic. With the economic downturn, luxury was seen as wasteful and frivolous. But as spring has brought forth a fresh energy to the environment, the economy is redefining what it is to be luxurious; gone is the trend in gifting generic crystal stemware or china plates created en mass. New luxury is characterized by appreciation of the time, skill, and effort that goes into hand crafted items. Luxury, today, has been redefined to mean luxurious craftsmanship. Exclusive, rare, and remarkable objects are becoming increasingly sought after; these objects are being created by a specially skilled and trained workforce — artists.

Often these functional art pieces are in very limited in supply due to their time consuming nature and limited production due to increased eco-consciousness and sustainability concerns — and isn’t that what’s really important today?

At Diana Martin Gifts, we embrace this new luxury with a renewed vigor. For the past 22 years, DMG has been supporting local artists who create hand crafted art. Our artists create beautiful art sculptures, functional art pieces, and custom designs in uniquely detailed ways, and from specially sourced materials. Every order is impeccably detailed to our client’s unique specifications to create one-of-a-kind gifts. Many of our items are environmentally friendly and even crafted from sustainable materials.

Next time you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury gift for any occasion, consider a hand-crafted piece of artwork.

At Diana Martin Gifts, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly and customizable gifts for you to choose from.