The Gilded Age Meets Corporate Gifts


Is there a difference between corporate gift giving and personal giving? In some ways no …. they share the same goals and outcome:

  • creating a treasured memory
  • acknowledging success, achievement, a milestone event, a celebration
  • showing thoughtfulness and attention to detail
  • giving a gift that is meaningful to the recipient

However, personal gift giving practices can be inappropriate or irrelevant to the underlying objectives of a well-executed corporate gifting program.

Today, priority must be given to the practicality and functionality of a gift; design, style and sophistication influence a recipient’s perception, which is of supreme importance. Celebrating hand crafted items created by artists in America not only enhances the perceived value as a functional object of art but also supports creativity and entrepreneurialism.

Originality, beauty and functionality are seen in this Gilded Age selection. We depart from the stiff and predictable corporate gift, offering refreshing ideas that are imaginative, playful and unique!