The Importance of Being Idle

In our always-on lifestyle, taking the time to retreat from the distractions of our lives can provide our souls with some much-needed nourishment. Generally speaking, idlers are categorized as lazy, non-motivated and no-where-to-go individuals. However, idling is an approach to life that started with the inspirational do-nothing at all, Socrates. As we all know, Socrates invented a new science of living, called philosophy, meaning “love of wisdom”.

With the Industrial Revolution, there was a new emphasis on work for work’s sake. Work became a means of earning money. Spare time became a premium and shopping became a spare time activity. Hence, idling got lost.

A simple way to escape the work-and-consumer cycle is simply to do nothing. Take 5 or 10 minutes to “day dream”.  Day dreaming is perfectly natural and healing and idling can be instrumental to your life. When we are relaxed, good ideas come to the surface.  And everything begins with an idea.

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