The New Luxury For Holiday Gift Giving

Handmade Luxury is challenging the classic definition of luxury by seeking out a fresh form based on authenticity and exclusivity. Committed craftspeople – those who make beautiful, handcrafted products and who offer tailored services requiring skill and time to achieve – are spearheading the new luxury movement.

The product’s provenance is just as important as the quality. The new luxury consumer appreciates the effort and attention to detail that goes into the manufacturing of such products to make them unique and original. No two are alike.

Take for example, this hand blown, jewel tone vase made by a California master glass artist, Paul Harrie: “I love working with glass and making my art every day. I am still striving to capture that clean, crystalline quality of North Dakota, working to encase a surprise in glass, and exploring color. I am determined to produce the finest work I can.” This work is exciting and original, combining form with function. If I received this gift, it would be displayed as an art piece in my living room where I could admire it daily!


Art-inspired pieces can have many functions, such as an award given at a recent gala.