The Power of a Diverse Workforce

Acknowledge your trailblazers with an icon symbolizing their bold thinking and commitment to unite people from different cultures and experiences:

  • Leaders committed to changing the equation for diversity.
  • The Multiplier Effect – Acknowledge leaders sponsoring one diverse person to the next level of their career.
  • Colleagues – Give a Spotlight Award to those internal teams reaching out externally to other companies that support D&I.

Diverse backgrounds drive diverse outlooks drive forward-thinking innovation. Studies indicate the positive correlation between diversity and business performance. Demographic gaps serve to slow progress down. Today’s workplace is quick and nimble.

Cultural change driven from top down sets the tone for creating an inclusive workforce with a common goal of increasing shareholder value and company growth and success.

There is an excitement and change in our work environments and markets due to globalization, technological advancements and shifting demographics. The most successful companies in the world rely on their diversity teams to help them respond to this change.