The Power of a Pen

Imagine: it is July 4, 1776. You are sitting in a hot conference room, among the most brilliant leaders of your time. The man to your right passes you a rolled-up piece of parchment and a look that says, “This is it.” Despite the mid-summer Pennsylvanian humidity, you feel a chill rise up your spine. Your hand quivers over the document. One ink droplet splashes on the page. Slowly, purposefully, you push the quill pen across the parchment. You hold the quill pen tight for a second, take a deep breath, and pass it on, fully understanding that you just altered the course of history.

Does this situation sound strangely familiar to you? Well, in fact, it should. One aspect of our life that has remained steadfast from the 18th century to today has been the need for documentation in writing. Enlightening experiences, exciting discoveries and life-changing ideas must be recorded before they can be developed. The creation of writing gave civilization the tools for creative expression and the capability to build culture. The cornerstone that made this possible is a tool we often take for granted: the pen.

Pens made of reed or quill have been in use since ancient times, as early as 190 B.C. The name “pen” is derived from “penna avis,” meaning bird feathers. A premier quill pen was created if the feather was taken off a living bird, in springtime, from one of the five large feathers on the left wing (due to the natural curve). The feathers were “dutched” by baking them in sand, after which they were dipped in boiling water, which cleaned and strengthened their core.

The Americana Silver Edition Rollerball is a result of over 2,000 years of evolution in the art of building a perfect writing instrument. The creative inner mechanism of the pen is operated by the Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American Freedom. The outside of the pen features a meticulously intricate scrimshaw technique to replicate the full text of the Declaration of Independence into the barrel of the pen. With aged sterling silver trims and images of the Founding Fathers, the pen embodies the fortitude, diligence and grace with which America was founded.

Pens have long been a symbol of knowledge, communication and collaboration. The motto “The pen is mightier than the sword” embodies the truth that a good writer has more power than a soldier on the battlefield. Writing has the ability to end a war, develop an international partnership or launch a new venture. Writing is ever-enduring: it is what allows ideas to outlive their generators. It establishes relationships and encourages teamwork. It fuels our collective creativity.

Yes, writing is an art. An art that allows us to alter history with the flourish of a wrist and a strong pen in hand. To place the power of the Declaration of Independence in your hand, please contact our gift consultants at 949-631-2727 or at

Included with each Americana Silver Edition Rollerball are a scroll and an ornate magnifying glass to view the sophisticated design, text and images in greater detail. The gift comes with a special collector’s edition box made from American walnut wood, with a leather lid engraved with the names of the signatories from the historic act. Edition is limited to 776 pens.