Why Design, Style and Culture?


Noteworthy American artist, Jeff Koons, has created modern works of art that are amongst the world’s most valuable as a result of his relentless focus on ideas, which he transforms into tangible expressions. An “idea” can be the cornerstone of success when it is thoughtfully and creatively conceived, and followed by meticulous implementation.

An innovative idea can be the foundation for creating and reinforcing a company’s brand and culture with employees and other stakeholders. Indeed, experts say that a strong corporate culture can account for 20-30% of the differential in corporate performance when compared with ‘culturally unremarkable’ competitors.

“Social rituals” in the workplace can be an effective means of reinforcing desired culture and brand identity. Social rituals can include corporate meetings, department celebrations, service awards, employee recognition and customer summit events, all of which present excellent opportunities for transforming brand and culture into tangible symbols that motivate and sustain high performance. Ideas coupled with smart design enable a memento to transcend an event, and perpetuate expressions of good will and appreciation that sustain commitment.

The best in design, when inextricably linked with brand and culture, is an essential ingredient for creating enduring motivation, commitment and excellent performance.