Valentine’s Day Tips

With Valentine’s around the corner, gift giving can get a bit sticky. For example, how do you convey friendship to someone you are dating without introducing any thoughts of being serious? What type of office gift is appropriate? From personal to business, there is a protocol even for this day celebrating love.

When picking out a gift, here are a few considerations:

  1. What is the giver’s relationship to the recipient? For new lovers, it’s best not to go over the top but still convey fun and whimsy….i.e. chocolates in shapes of lips or shoes …or something packaged in a red theme to suggest “red hot chocolate”! It’s a fun, ice-breaker that conveys the sensual experience of eating chocolate.
  2. Think about the recipient’s personality and daily habits. For example, if a man wears a pocket square, adding to his collection would be a thoughtful gift. Or, a nicely tailored bag for cosmetics or jewelry for a woman that wears makeup and sports jewelry.
  3. For your husband or wife, something luxurious will be memorable! It can be anything from a cashmere scarf to fresh flowers to a frame with your photo or jewelry. No matter the budget, make it memorable with a hand-written card, something your spouse normally would not buy and with exquisite gift wrap.
  4. Jewelry for those long-term relationships is a great gift because size does not matter! For women, think about bracelets, necklaces and earrings, while cufflinks are often popular Valentine’s day gifts for men.
  5. Avoid Valentine gifts for the household as appliances are “unemotional.” However, if the recipient loves to cook or entertain, be creative and witty with a gift like a heart-shaped waffle iron or one of the sensual looking Riedel decanters or fanciful red napkin rings.
  6. In regards to scents, fragrances can be challenging because they are so personal and depends on your body chemistry reacting to the perfume.
  7. For your office, give everyone the same gift so there are no awkward feelings. Consider a group gift, such as festive cupcakes, cookies or chocolates. Food gifts are safe and satisfying.
  8. For individual office gifts, be sensitive to the message you are conveying. Avoid cards and if you must, let them be generic. Small travel candles, paperweights or a pen for one’s purse or pocket are pleasant and useful gifts to receive.
  9. If you are the boss, recognition is always an important part of a professional relationship, even more now since employees are asked to do more with less. Choose a gift that will be appreciated and preferably not work related. A small artful bowl filled with M&M’s is a great gift as the bowl can be used on other occasions. Since most everyone likes to eat, bring in sandwiches for lunch.

Let Valentine’s Day be fun and festive! Can’t think of a gift? A hand-written card is always appreciated and says you’re special.