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The Art of Enchantment

A recent Gallup poll showed that 70% of employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work — many leaders are looking for solutions. What are the effective drivers of long-term well-being? Enchantment defines a relationship with employees that is deep, delightful, and long-lasting. If you can enchant your employees, they will work harder, longer, and smarter for…


Win in the Marketplace by Rewarding Top Talent

AT&T CEO and Chair Randall Stephenson recently said “There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop…People who do not spend 5 to 10 hours a week in online learning will obsolete themselves with the technology”. He states that for organizations to win in the market, they must help their…


Employee Engagement – The New Paradigm for Rewarding Excellence (and why Starbucks gift cards don’t always do the trick)

Over the course of the nearly 30 years we’ve been operating our company, I’ve often remarked that employee recognition programs are one of the most popular aspects of our business. They range from the more complex, one-of-a-kind awards that are designed by one of our talented artists, like a hand blown, glass sculpture – to…