Inspiration and Insights

President’s Club 2019

In this complex world of today, figuring out how to recognize and retain your top talent has taken
on a new paradigm not seen even 10 years ago. Companies thirst for what motivates and inspires employees to be their best such that their contributions add to the bottom line of shareholder and stakeholder value.


Motivating A Multi-Generational Workplace

Statistically, over 80% of the workforce indicate they are motivated to work harder, and stay at their jobs longer, when receiving appreciation for their work. Recognition, when woven into a company’s culture and brand, has a significant impact on employee engagement and retention. The legacy employee “years of service” programs are less effective in inspiring…


The Power of a Diverse Workforce

Acknowledge your trailblazers with an icon symbolizing their bold thinking and commitment to unite people from different cultures and experiences: Leaders committed to changing the equation for diversity. The Multiplier Effect – Acknowledge leaders sponsoring one diverse person to the next level of their career. Colleagues – Give a Spotlight Award to those internal teams…